Due North is recreating the way people view "gluten-free."  We have developed a seven-blend
flour that looks, acts, and tastes a lot like traditional all-purpose flour. This flour can be used for
just about everything without the denseness, aftertaste, or crumbliness. Our blend does not
include nutty flours as we want the authentic taste of whatever you are making to shine through.
All of our homemade gluten-free products are made in our designated storefronts.

Shhhh, Nobody Noticed it was Gluten Free! thumbs-up

About Us


how due north gf bakery & Goods came about...

In 2019 Kristi finally acknowledged that she needed to be gluten free 100% of the time. She's had digestive issues her whole life and had tried to go gluten free many times before, but had always failed due to the poor tasting foods.

This time was different because she didn't have choices anymore. After trying multiple recipes with several different kinds of flours and flour combinations, she still didn't have what she longed for...great tasting foods. She desired food that tasted like the food and not the flour!

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Our Testimonials

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Jill K - Grand Forks

We ordered a gluten free cake from Kristi from Due North for our grandsons birthday and it was fantastic.  Not one person in our group of thirty knew it was gluten free at the time they ate it and not one plate had any left on it.  Also we had no left overs.

Kristi was easy to work with and came up with an adorable dinosaur cake.  I would highly recommend Kristi at Due North for any of your gluten free needs.  We have tried several of their items at the farmers market this summer and have found her flour the best gluten free flour available in the area.

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jennifer h - fargo

I have had the pleasure of tasting a wide variety of the wonderful baked goods Kristi and Mary have created. They are just as good if not better than the treats with gluten. I don't have to be gluten free, but with these treats you can't even tell the difference.