Creating Due North

Our most Amazing Gluten-Free Bakery

In 2019 Kristi finally acknowledged that she needed to be gluten-free 100% of the time. She’s had digestive issues her whole life and had tried to go gluten-free many times before, but had always failed due to the poor tasting foods. This time was different because she didn’t have choices anymore.

After trying multiple recipes with several different kinds of flours and flour combinations, she still didn’t have what she longed for…great tasting foods. She desired food that tasted like the food and not the flour!

After total frustration had finally reached its peak, she prayed for help. That night she had a dream about how to create a flour that would look, act, and taste like the gluten products she had grown to love. She was told to make pancakes! First, start with these two flours and make your first set of pancakes. Then, add one additional flour and see how this changes the pancakes…she did that four times.

Kristi asked, “If we know the final outcome, why can’t you just tell me the combination?” The man in her dream laughed and stated, “Oh Kristi, it doesn’t work that way. ‘ She laughed and said it was worth a try. The next morning she made pancakes and did as she was told in her dream. This was the foundation and the beginning of her journey. It took six months of research; trial and error…lots of errors…to create Due North Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour.

Just before it was finalized, Mary’s granddaughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Mary decided that they needed to have a safe environment for her and she too became gluten-free. It was about this time that their products were becoming really good and thought maybe other’s would like to try these amazing gluten-free products that weren’t dense, crumbly or had an aftertaste.

Kristi and Mary decided to be a part of Town Square Farmer’s Market in Grand Forks, ND and test their theory. They started with just a 2-day pass and quickly discovered there were many more people needing or wanting gluten-free products and purchased a season pass. And now, here they are at the next chapter of their journey providing great tasting products and flours across America.

brick storefront of  Due North Gluten-Free Bakery

Our History

Mary and Kristi started at Town Square Farmers Market in Grand Forks, ND in July 2020. They made their products at The Ember, owned by Freedom Church, who graciously are allowing them to bake until they move to their permanent location in Hatton, ND. After attending multiple farmers’ markets during the summer (Grand Forks, Mayville, and Larimore), they were accepted into the Pride of Dakota family where they went to trade shows across North Dakota. Now, they are eagerly waiting to move into their new location where their next chapter begins…

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide great tasting gluten free products to all of America. The key to our success is Due North’s Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour and getting it into the hands of our customers. We can ship our products; however, due to cost, we would love to have our gluten-free products and flour in local grocery stores to increase the accessibility. We see the possibilities of everyone who is gluten-free having great tasting choices.

Mary seated behind a round table with gluten-free products laid out for sale in front of her
photo of Table top with many packaged gluten-free products for sale

Our Mission

Our mission is not only to provide great tasting products, but provide the tools to cook and bake with Due North Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour with success. To us, this is about creating a community where each of us can share our knowledge and experiences so that we can enjoy gluten-free products together. Together we really can do more!

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